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In the research, the scientists have noticed that different oils have different physical, chemical and nutritive properties that are getting worse at high temperatures and when they are used more than once. The results of the research have been published in the magazine of the American Chemistry Association, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Many oils that are used for frying and cooking undergo a certain damage when heated, in terms of losing their nutritive qualities, which makes them nutritionally bad choice. Some oils, when heated up to a certain temperature, even create some new compounds, which can be potentially toxic. All this has been taken in consideration during the process of oil evaluation.

The researchers have been frying pieces of potato in deep containers with a lot of oil in them and in pans using four different refined oils – olive oil, corn oil, soy oil and sunflower oil, and they have been using the same oils ten times more. They have confirmed that olive oil is the most stable one for frying in a deep container in huge amount at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius and at 190 degrees Celsius, while sunflower oil was getting ruined at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

The conclusion of the research was that olive oil is the best oil even when it comes to frying, unlike the rest of the seed oils, including sunflower oil, which is the most commonly used oil.

Olive oil is one of the basic foods of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be very healthy. It is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Olive oil is considered to contribute to the cardiovascular health. The best type of olive oil is the extra virgin, cold-strained olive oil. It is recommended to be used in salads, or to be added at the end of the cooking, so that its beneficial properties are not lost, but this research has shown that the olive oil is superior to sunflower and other oils even when it is exposed to high temperatures.

A short reminder of the benefits of olive oil:

  • -it reduces the inflammatory processes
  • -it decreases the risk of breast cancer
  • -it helps in lowering the cholesterol levels
  • -it helps in lowering the blood pressure
  • -it has preventative properties against rheumatoid arthritis
  • -it helps in the prevention of osteoporosis
  • -it reduces the risk factors of heart attacks and strokes


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